Chimney Sweep Solutions by Subcon Services

At Subcon Services, we understand the importance of maintaining clean and safe chimneys for residential and commercial properties alike. Our chimney sweep solutions are designed to ensure optimal performance, safety, and efficiency for your chimney systems.

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Why Use SubCon For Your Chimney Sweep Services?

Precise Detection

With SubCon's precise mapping capabilities, you can accurately identify creosote buildup, blockages, or structural weaknesses within chimney flues, facilitating targeted and effective cleaning efforts.

Comprehensive Analysis

SubCon's advanced subsurface analysis technology provides in-depth insights into the condition of chimney structures, enabling thorough assessments of potential hazards and obstructions.

Time and Cost Savings

SubCon streamlines chimney sweep operations by expediting the detection and removal of chimney obstructions, reducing the need for extensive manual inspections and minimizing downtime for homeowners.

Safety Assurance

By detecting hidden hazards such as deteriorating masonry or nesting animals, SubCon helps mitigate safety risks for both homeowners and chimney sweep professionals, ensuring a safe working environment.
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Innovative Chimney Inspection Techniques with SubCon

Experience a new era of chimney inspection with SubCon's cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing the way chimney assessments are conducted. By harnessing advanced subsurface analysis capabilities, SubCon enables chimney professionals to delve deeper into chimney structures, identifying potential hazards and weaknesses with unprecedented precision. From detecting hidden creosote buildup to uncovering structural defects, SubCon empowers inspectors to provide comprehensive evaluations that prioritize safety and compliance. Say goodbye to outdated inspection methods and hello to innovative solutions with SubCon, ensuring the integrity and reliability of chimneys for years to come.

Our Chimney Sweep Process


We begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your chimney to assess its condition and identify any issues that need attention.  


Using specialized brushes, vacuums, and equipment, we carefully clean the interior of your chimney, removing creosote, soot, and debris buildup.


If we encounter any damages or defects during the cleaning process, we offer prompt repair solutions to ensure your chimney is in optimal condition.

Maintenance Tips 

As part of our service, we provide valuable maintenance tips to help you keep your chimney in excellent condition between cleanings. 

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