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Our cutting-edge software empowers landscaping businesses to streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and enhance client satisfaction. With features ranging from client management and project scheduling to estimating, billing, and inventory tracking, SubCon Landscape equips landscapers with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market. Seamlessly integrated mapping and design capabilities enable users to bring their landscaping visions to life with precision and efficiency. 

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Why Use SubCon for your Landscape Business?

SubCon, the Subsurface Construction technology, revolutionizes the landscape business by offering precision mapping, subterranean infrastructure identification, root system analysis, irrigation optimization, and environmental impact assessment capabilities. With its advanced mapping tools, SubCon provides accurate underground maps, enabling informed decisions on plant placement and construction projects while avoiding damage to existing infrastructure. Its ability to analyze root systems and soil moisture levels ensures healthy vegetation and efficient irrigation. Moreover, SubCon's environmental impact assessments aid in developing sustainable landscaping solutions. Overall, SubCon empowers landscapers to execute projects with unparalleled precision, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

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SubCon All-in-One for Landscaping

SubCon streamlines landscaping projects with precise mapping, root system analysis, and infrastructure identification, optimizing irrigation and minimizing environmental impact. By offering comprehensive insights into soil composition and water distribution, SubCon empowers landscapers to design and execute projects with unparalleled efficiency and sustainability. With SubCon, landscaping businesses achieve superior results while conserving resources and promoting healthy ecosystems.
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Explore SubCon for Landscaping

SubCon revolutionizes the landscape business by integrating advanced technology to enhance efficiency and precision in various aspects of landscaping projects.

Precision Mapping

SubCon provides accurate underground mapping, enabling landscapers to understand soil composition, water flow, and existing infrastructure, facilitating informed decision-making in project planning and execution.

Infrastructure Identification
SubCon identifies underground utilities and obstacles, such as pipes and cables, preventing accidental damage during excavation or construction, thereby saving time and resources.

Root System Analysis

With SubCon's capability to analyze root systems, landscapers gain insights into the health and structure of existing vegetation, allowing for strategic plant placement and optimal landscaping design.

Environmental Impact 
SubCon assesses the environmental impact of landscaping projects, considering factors like soil quality and water distribution, aiding landscapers in developing sustainable solutions that promote ecological balance and long-term viability.

Comprehensive Suite of Features for Landscaping

Our SubCon solution for the landscape business provides a robust array of tools and capabilities to streamline operations and elevate project outcomes.

Irrigation Optimization

SubCon optimizes irrigation systems by analyzing soil moisture levels and water distribution patterns, promoting efficient water use and healthy plant growth.

Project Planning Support

SubCon aids in project planning by providing comprehensive data on subsurface conditions, allowing for efficient resource allocation and timeline management.

Risk Mitigation

SubCon helps mitigate risks by identifying potential hazards such as unstable terrain or buried obstacles, ensuring a safe working environment for landscapers.

Cost Efficiency

With SubCon's accurate mapping and analysis, landscapers can optimize resource usage and minimize unnecessary expenditures, leading to cost-effective project execution.

Client Communication

SubCon enhances client communication by providing visualizations and data insights that facilitate transparency and understanding of project requirements and progress.


SubCon is adaptable to various landscape projects, whether residential or commercial, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client and terrain.